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Print hindtanning by Bush Gallery


We believe that arts-based approached and culture programs can be used to create resources for language and culture revitalization that can quickly reach a large number of people and can transcend geographical

barriers and time constraints. We engage in on the land assertion of our territory and authority through art making accompanied by language curriculum and instruction. Activities include, basketry, hide-tanning and contemporary woodcut printing as well as some new media work- i.e. outdoor projections and animations. The intergenerational language learning framework implemented and examined through this project embodies the Secwepemc worldview and values, Kweselktnéws – the value of relationship (we are all family), Knucwéstsut – the value of individual strength and responsibility (take care of yourself), Étsxe – the value of knowing your gifts, Méllelc – the value of renewal, and Knúcwetwecw – the value of cooperation

(Journey Through Secwepemcúĺew, as cited in A Learning Bridge for Aboriginal Adults (ALBAA), 2010). In our research we can quantify the benefits of families learning together, we want to build on

this language resurgence through introducing cultural and artistic activities for the way they intersect with better health outcomes and mental health supports as well as activating our authority in our territories by

harvesting from the land. Wúmec r Cqwqwlúten-kt Community Society in partnership with