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#BUSH Gallery \ Manifestos and Other Emergencies/ by Bush Gallery

#BUSH Gallery \ Manifestos and Other Emergencies/

This zine shares new writing and translations from the BUSH Gallery collective. BUSH gallery, founded in 2013, posits forms of land-based activations that emphasize site specificity on reserve land. BUSH gallery draws on community engaged and relational practices using collaborative models. BUSH gallery involves Indigenous language practices as part of the overall framework of Indigenous aesthetics. BUSH gallery is represented as a basket, centering Indigenous women's practices, this basket is a vessel for the possibilities, activities and focus of the gallery. BUSH gallery is an experimental and conceptual project that interrogates the divisions between; artist and curator, art and craft, English and Indigenous languages, class and culture, race and gender. BUSH GALLERY contributes to an understanding of how gallery systems and art mediums might be transfigured, translated and transformed by Indigenous customs, aesthetics, language, performance and land use systems. Through an interconnected and interspecies approach BUSH gallery weaves together baskets, binaries and biomorphic gestures to model alternative, non-institutional ways to engage with and value indigenous knowledge in relation to the idea of a gallery. This new zine features new prose, translations of the collective's BUSH Galley manifesto and a must have gluten-free bannock recipe. Created during the 2021 BUSH Gallery rezidency this project is supported by MOMENTA Biennale de l'image.

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